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You Can Live A Better Life Filled With Happiness and Joy With Very Little (if any) Stress!
By Shawn Nelson, MSA

Shawn Nelson, MSA

Do you find yourself wondering, "How did I end up Living An Unhappy Life?"

You can't figure out what went wrong. Yet, I tell you, "Life is simple. You make yourself unhappy, which creates an unhappy life!"

What if I said, "You did everything right!" Would you believe me?

Technically, you did what you thought were the right things, which caused you to not live a better life.

Unfortunately, you had inaccurate information and most likely didn't learn your life lessons along the way. This is how you can end up with an unhappy life.

There are certain things you overlook on a daily basis that can help you to live a better life, which I am willing to help you with. Things that will help you leave the unhappy life behind for good! That is if you truly desire to get rid of your unhappy life and live a better life!

Don't allow...

  • Life
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Money

...problems or anything else drive you insane! There is a way out!

"On The Verge of A Nervous Breakdown"

"Shawn, Shawn, Shawn. When I first wrote to you I was literally on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I was handling (or thought I was) everybody in my family's business including my own. Life Is Simple taught me to stop and take a big breath and Let go and Let God.

Now I understand how to control the things I can and let go of the things I can't. I have learned that what is going to happen will happen whether I am sane or insane and that I cannot control any of it. I have learned to unclench my jaw, my fist and other parts of my anatomy and let myself be human instead of a robot. I now know that other people's opinion of me is just that.

I was too hard on myself and was living up to other people's standards. I am 47 years old and have always lived to make someone else happy. Well, guess what, that s%&t is over. I am my own best friend now next to Jesus Christ himself. I love me and I love you for introducing me to such a wonderful piece of material."

Deborah - Little Rock, AR

Each week, you will discover something new about life and yourself.

Such as:

  • No one can provide you with the answers you're looking for as you already have them

  • There are no "Wrong" or "Right" answers just ways to live a better life

  • Why certain life, career and relationship advice may not be able to help you

  • How your filter prevents you from moving forward in life

  • How to determine if you are the problem

  • How to uncover your truth

  • How you make life difficult without knowing it

  • Why giving up control is vital to your success in life

  • The one thing that cause most, if not all, of your stress

  • How to avoid over ninety percent of stress within 24 hours (it's simple but you may find it difficult to do)

  • How to lead a happy life while others attempt to figure out your secret

"I Get A Sense of Healing from Reading The Emails"

Dear Shawn,

Thanks for taking the time to help those in such pain-as I am. Unfortunately, I did believe those 'half-truths" and am now in that state where the pain is hitting me in the face. I just cant believe how people can be so dishonest and ruthless to those they supposedly "love and adore".

It really is a joy getting your emails and corresponding with you. Lord knows I need all the help I can get and accept it whole-heartedly.

But when you write, things really seem to make sense and I do get a sense of healing from them, seriously. So please keep them coming and I do read your articles on a daily basis. In fact, I spent several hours this weekend doing just that.


The Life Is Simple Insights
May Not Be For You!

To truly benefit from the information you must:

  • Be motivated
  • Be Focused
  • Be serious and determined to improve your life
  • Not be a procrastinator
  • Be willing to have some faith
  • Be able to believe in the unexplainable
  • Be able to temporarily set aside your non-working methods and beliefs
  • Be willing to practice what you learn
  • Have the ability to accept simple concepts that may not seem to work until you apply them

Kick Your Unhappy Life, Relationship, Family, Career and Stress Problems To The Curb!

In a few minutes, you will discover the simple techniques that allow me to lead a stress-free lifestyle and maintain a happy and positive mood ninety-seven percent of the time. Hey, I'm not perfect and there are a few things that still get under my skin!

Many people have asked me, "What's your secret?" I have finally revealed my simple, yet effective methods and nuggets of wisdom to deal with everyday stress, obstacles, unhappy life, career and relationship problems!

You will be taken on a journey into my life, the trials and tribulations, how I dealt with them and the simple techniques that helped me to:

  • Maintain my sanity
  • Stay calm through adversity
  • Improve my life
  • Make informed decisions regarding life, relationship, career and money issues

Aren't you tired of being confused?

"..Almost Walked Out of Our Marriage"

"I am one of the people who has gone through and read the Life Is Simple Insights. I can tell you that it helped me and my wife a great deal! We were at a point of almost walking out of our marriage because of misunderstandings.

What happened later was like a miracle. A complete change. Many Thanks to Mr. Shawn!!!! I know there are people who have not yet experienced it and probably have some doubts. Try it and you will not regret it."

Gerald M., Kampala-Uganda (East Africa)

Just imagine me holding your hand and sharing with you each week:

  • The mistakes I made (and still make) in life
  • What I learned from those mistakes
  • How I overcome those mistakes
  • A simple view of things that can improve your outlook on life a thousandfold
  • How to Live A Better Life with very little stress
  • And so much more that will make the hairs on your arm stand up

Would those types of insights help make your life a little easier? Why suffer when you can learn from and through me?

You and I are striving for the same goals...

  • To be happy
  • To feel loved and appreciated
  • To have some peace of mind
  • To live our dreams
  • To get rid of that emptiness and pain we feel inside
  • To cherish those we care about
  • To stop struggling financially
  • To Live A Better life
  • And many more

It's not much to ask for but, so difficult to achieve with inaccurate information.

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Shawn Nelson, MSA

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